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Abstract submission is open now!

Submission Deadline is 31 Jan 2024

Abstract submission guidelines:

  1. Abstract must be in English and no abbreviations or references.
  2. Abstracts must not exceed 250 words.
  3. Title must be in lower case letters.
  4. The authors have done the work reported in the abstract and take full responsibility for the content.
  5. Authors:
    • First (presenting) author – The first author will be the presenting author.
    • Abstract must include co-author(s)– a maximum of FOUR co-authors in each abstract.
  6. Abstract should be as informative as possible and should use the following structured format:
    • Objective/Purpose
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion

*video guidelines : Authors may submit a video (no more than 3 minutes long) . Submitted video should be MP4 with the dimensions of 720 x 480 for Standard Resolution Video or 1900 x 1080 for High Definition Video in the NTSC format. If the video has audio, it should already be synced with the video and contained in one complete file.

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